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Some Hospital Treatment
For the welfare of dogs we also have a hospital service with well-equipped lab facilities as well as surgical services. Adding to these we also provide the services of quality diagnosis, check-up and medicines too.

We have professionally experienced vetrianian Dr. Pratik Man Pradhan { BVSc and AH (TU Rampur)}NVC no. 280, who has been involved in small animal practicener for more than 18 years. in this organization.

His major achievements & skills:

  • Successfully examined and treated more than 25000 dogs of satisfied client Performed more than 5000 different kinds of surgeries.

  • Training from Mr. Steve Austin. renowned as one of Australia's top animal trainers on Animal behavior & psychology.

  • Breed-warden training from Juliette Cunliffe who judges competitions around the world and is a Kennel Club Accredited Trainer of Judges and is Author of many successful dog books.

  • Training in spaying & castration from WVS Ooty, India.

  • Training in ultrasound & endoscopy conducted by directorate of animal health.

  • In-depth knowledge of internal medicines and pathology.

  • Guidance & Supervision of field-technicians in diagnosing and treating diseases.

  • Councelling on various dog's problem with the dog owner.

  • Presently he is secretary of VPAN(veterinary practioneer association of Nepal) and is a ardent animal lover envolved in various animal welfare programme.
  • Please note: If you fill out the form before 8 AM. You will have a better response rate as our vet-technicians move into our client's home at sharp 8 AM.

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