Our History


In the past, 10000 dogs are killed every year by municipality through poisoning. It was done to control the amount of stray dogs. The thing with this method, was it would repeat again and again every year. Every year another 10000 dogs were seen in the streets of Nepal.

The main reason of the stray dogs was, people just feed the dogs but don’t provide shelter or security to them. They would just leave them in the streets. We opened this organization in 2054 BS: in the concept that we would provide efficient knowledge to the masses about how to raise a dog and what are the essentials.

The first step we took was collecting data from the municipality and also provide new information or data about them to them. It was a back and forth process.

Our first business was providing knowledge about dogs to masses from individuals. Individuals, who had taken 54 hours of class and training would go door to door and give out their knowledge. When we saw the opportunity of dog business to boom of how people can love and care for their dogs. We started to start the buying or selling of the pure breed puppies.

Our objective of providing knowledge to you, is still on practice.

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