What to look for in puppy ?

As we bring the puppy in our new home and introduce to our family it is very imperative to provide utmost care for the first few days for otherwise there could be mishaps and all our effort will be in vain. Firstly we should not change the type of diet to the puppy. He should be fed exactly the same item and amount done by the breeder. If the puppy is in cereal meal then he should be fed the same and if he is in puppy dog food then he should have dog food, not cereal or homemade food. The next crucial thing is to look and analyze the stool of puppy. Look for its consistency ,color odour as well as frequency. If the stool is not normal or the food is not properly digested then decrease the amount of food gradually till there is improvement in the stool quality.

If the stool is ok for few days then we can increase the diet according to the physical state and breed of the puppy . Puppy should be be kept in place where everybody of family member could able to see him similarly the puppy must able to have the glimpse of family and his caregiver readily. By this activity the puppy won’t get bored and problem of crying at night could Be minimized. Puppy should not be carried in arms for long time . This is done especially by children and ladies which make the behavior of puppy difficult to control. In other word the puppy always insist on carrying him in the arm. Beside this will cause the bending problem of hand and feet if the carrying process is not well adjusted. It is important to keep in mind that we should not let the puppy to give what we are eating. As we as a human has a tendency to share a things and we generally give a bit of our food to the puppy as it looks to us inquisitively when we are having something. This mistake is done mostly by children as they are having something like chocolate, ice cream etc. Never ever give the puppy the food you are eating. Beside some of the food which is considered safe for us is highly toxic and poisonous to them and they could die or have deliberate side effects.example of these food are chocolate ice cream raisins grapes onion etc.

You also need to crate train your dog so it will make easier to raise him in future. The crate should be large enough to play and sleep. You should take him out for the toilet regularly generally 5-6 times a day . Never take him out if he whines or cry otherwise if you do this he will think that his act make you to take him out so he will do crying and whining so and on. If someone prefer to raise the freely he can do so by putting a puppy in fence. The fence should be strong enough and tall enough to withstand the puppy’s height and weight. For the first few days of the puppy in new home he may not have a good appetite so we should give him some appetizer especially digestive enzymes available in the market. This will make his appetite better and after few days we can stop the appetizers after he eats normally. Puppies should be taken out of the crates 5-6 times a day and have to be played for 5 minutes each time you take him out for toilet. This will make a strong bond between you and your puppy.

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