Dog Hotel

Dog Hotel has limited seats pre inform 2 weeks.

Owners who are in need of capable hands may also entrust their pets to us here at MEK Club with only Rs.500 per day we keep your dog safe and healthy. Owners who want to keep your dog with us should inform within few days earlier with an advance payment.

Even if we are in a core-city area, We have plenty of land (2 ropanis) for your dogs to enjoy, which is well surrounded by walls. There are also well qualified and dog-lover staffs (inc. vets, assistant vets and trainer )  to take care of your dog. Your dogs are kept in (6X6) feet, individually. 

When there is no one to look after your furry little friend, or you are in your outing. No need to worry as we here at Mount Everest Kennel Club provide your dog with a very safe and playful environment.

If you have any concerns, you can always contact us. 

If you want to book our dog hotel Please Click Here

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