As a dog parent, it is your sole responsibility to nurture and care for your canine friend by choosing the right and best dog food for their diet and making sure they are well exercised. An active dog is a healthy dog. This does not necessarily mean that you need to put your dog on a 3-hour training routine every day. There are some fun and simple activities, games and exercises that can help improve your dog’s physical fitness.

Power Walks

Walking your dog for fitness is entirely different from a relaxed stroll. Relaxed strolls do not cut it. When strolling, your dog will spend his time sniffing on grass and trees. To kick up your dog’s fitness level, accelerate the pace of your walk for a good workout. Preferably, 15 to 20-minute power walk per mile. At this rate, your dog will not only be panting but also be fully exercised for the day.

Play Fetch

A simple game of fetch might be all your dog needs for his daily dose of exercise. This exercise is easy to squeeze into a busy schedule and can be practiced in your backyard, indoors from the comfort of your couch or at the park.


Dogs are natural swimmers. However, some breeds have a strong inclination to water while others are not drawn to it. Swimming is an excellent exercise in keeping your dog physically fit. Additionally, it is an activity that you can both enjoy doing together. Since this activity is not as physically demanding as running, it is highly recommended for elderly dogs to remain active.


This is another great activity to help improve your dog’s physical fitness. However, it is not an exercise that you just start right away, especially if your dog is not used to rigorous training. You will need to take the time to increase his endurance by taking him on a short jog 3 to 4 times each week. After that, start increasing the length and intensity of the jog.


Agility is not only an excellent exercise for your dog but also very exciting and a lot of fun. It entails your dog completing obstacles in the shortest time possible by following your voice and hand instructions as you run alongside him. Running over planks and weaving through poles helps to cultivate muscle coordination, flexibility, listening skills as well as keeping your dog energetic.



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